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No other floor covering feels or performs like carpet, enhancing your home by absorbing sound, insulation against the cold & importantly comfort.

Our extensive range of carpets offer diverse performance & style characteristics from practical hard wearing & durable to plush & luxurious to suit everyone's needs & budget.

We offer all major fibre types, including:

A good quality wool carpet will outlast other carpet types & are suitable for both residential & commercial. Wool’s unique fibre structure makes it durable & hardwearing, so wool carpets keep their appearance longer.

Wool is a natural product & its lanolin makes wool naturally stain resistant. Wool has excellent resilience, so it recovers well from crushing & retains it appearance. Wool is also flame-retardant & acts as an insulator, helping to reduce noise. Wool is a renewable resource & is biodegradable.

A durable fibre that offers complete consistency in colour. Pigment & polymer are mixed before extrusion, so it offers colourfastness against light & won’t fade, as well as long term resilience, durability & stain resistance. The non-porous fibre can also resist odours. Solution dyed carpet is resistant to abrasion & wear which will keep the carpet looking newer for longer.

Nylon is a tough & durable man-made fibre and come in a range of wear ratings for medium, heavy or extra heavy duty traffic areas. Nylon carpets have long-term resilience & durability.

Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre popular for its low price & durability. This type of carpet is hard wearing, easy to maintain & suitable for heavy duty wear. This carpet can be used for high traffic residential areas & medium traffic commercial areas.

A good quality underlay can increase the life of your carpet, provide insulation, improve soundproofing as well as act as a barrier against moisture in the sub-floor. We only use top quality Australian Made Underlay under our floorcoverings.

Fine Floor Coverings